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What is Smoke Cleansing?

Smoke Cleansings are an excellent way to clear low frequency energy from your home or personal aura.


These types of cleansings are perfect for after you've been involved in:

  • Arguments

  • Break-ins

  • Death of a loved one or pet

  • New homes, cars or furniture

  • Any type of suspicious energetic activity, or just general bad feelings

  • Any type of "negative" situation that has occurred in your life or home

Home smoke cleansings are conducted on your property with a smoke wand, a bell and crystals. On most occasions, the energy present in the home has come "off of" the residents in the space and can be easily cleared out or "reset". The beginning of the session will involve a walkthrough of the home to assess the energy.

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About Your Guide

I know what it's like to be in your house but not feel at home because you are surrounded with low frequency energy.

I learned methods to heal myself and my home.

Let me help you learn too. 

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